Sunday, April 17, 2011

Watcha Clan - Diaspora Remixed (2009)


01. Lei Le Ha (Transglobal Undergroud Remix)
02. Balkan Qoulou (Shazalakazoo Remix)
03. Balkan Qoulou (Dunkelbunt Remix)
04. Goumari (Earth Rise Soundsystem Remix)
05. Goumari (Shazalakazoo Remix)
06. Diaspora Dub (Undergand Remix)
07. Tchiribim (Balkan Xpress Soundsistema Remix)
08. Limu (Mars Exist Remix)
09. Goumari (DJ Click Remix)
10. Eli (Gaetano Fabri Remix)
11. Eli (Barrio Populaire Remix)
12. Goumari (Spark Remix)
13. Les Courbes De Ton Corps (Stratman Remix)

Watcha Clan are a fierce posse of musical nomads, their multi-ethnic, multi-groove infusions whip audiences into a dance frenzy, regardless of where in the world W-Clan happen to be on their never-ending tour trail. Along the way they've met talented DJs, fellow musical travelers on dance floor journeys. Friendship and mutual inspiration blossomed, communicated in the languages of dub, ragga, reggae, drum'n'bass and electro, sung to melodies traditional or modern, with arabic and Mediterranean flavorings.


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